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Know How: Early Winter Vegetable Planting

Gardeners living in temperate zones often feel that vegetables can only be planted during the frost-free periods. However, some of the cold hardy vegetables can be planted up to six weeks prior to the average last killing spring frost. Certain vegetables also can be planted late in the fall and in the winter months in these Temperate Zone climates to take advantage of their early spring germination and development. These cool season vegetables include (more…)

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Know How: Fall Planting

In the fall, after the garden has been cleared of all dead non-decomposed plant material (add this to the compost pile), till the garden area and mark the rows as if you were going to seed. Just before the ground freezes (or after if necessary) seed the desired cold-hardy vegetables, cover with soil from the garden or potting soil (if the garden soil is frozen). Cover the seed as directed on the package. A layer of straw or hay mulch or even shredded leaves (more…)

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Know How: Planting Seeds

Sow seed in a light, well-drained soil. Seeds need air as well as water to germinate. Sow no deeper than 2 to 3 times the diameter or length of the seed. Very fine seed should be sown on the surface. Most seed requires constant moisture to germinate. (more…)

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