Spring Equinox arrived at 12:57 this afternoon, but where are the signs?

With 50 degree temps today, I went looking for signs of spring.  We did find some kale that had sprouted from fall planted seed.  And a few over-wintered carrots still under the snow. See previous post.  If you’re needing more color, take a look outside to your spring flowering trees.  Forsythia, Flowering Quince, Crab-apples, Viburnum, Witch Hazel and early flowering cherry can all be forced to flower inside.  Cut a few branches with a sharp knife that are at least 10″ long. Bring them into the house, crush the cut end of each stem and immediate plunge them into warm water.  Change the water daily and within 5-10 days you will be rewarded with spring blooms.

Here’s a few I found at the shop of one of our customers:
Witch Hazel Flowering Cherry Forsythia viburnum

I’ll keep posting pictures of what I find today.  Please add to our spring fling photos of what you come across today.



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