Come Play in The Garden with Grumpy!

As parents and grandparents we want our children to grow up loving the natural world around them. But often we find it challenging to entice them into the garden. Why is it we often hear the phrase “please come help me work in the garden”. Why is “work” and “gardening” always joined?

Take a lessen from Trevor and his granddad (known only as Grumpy). Trevor has deep roots in seeds; his family is part of not less than 3 different seed companies right here in Connecticut. So he was destined to be a great gardener from birth. Fortunately Grumpy knows just how to nurture that heritage!

Helping Grumpy enlarge the garden

Starting the garden

to make way for  . . . . SEEDS!


“Hey Trevor, where did the row markers go?”

Trevor's Truck 2

Harvest Time! It’s only important to rinse the soil off the carrots – a sign of a true gardener!

Trevor's harvest

Thanks to Grumpy and Grandma Sue for sharing!


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