Spring Into The Garden and Celebrate Earth Day!

This very special day began 45 years ago to encourage people to care about the environment. A simple way to express your love and respect of the earth is to give a child a seed and plant it together. You’ll be surprised what will grow from that simple act.

Is it spring YET????
It doesn’t matter what the date on the calender reads, nor the “meteorological” date for your area; spring arrives for gardeners when certain biological activities start to happen. For me, two things must happen before I will claim ‘It’s Spring”. First, I need to hear a chorus of peepers on a warm rainy evening. And then the birds must be singing loud enough to wake me in the morning before the sun rises. If both the peepers and the birds are out making woopie, then I know spring finally has won the battle with Old Man Winter (although our friends up in northern New England got a dusting of snow last night). Gardener’s and farmers know to watch the signs Mother Nature gives to know when it is truly safe to plant. Did you know when the common forsythia blooms, the soil temperature is around 50 degrees? It’s a sure indication that you can plant certain crops. Check out this Vegetable Planting Chart -Soil Temps to give you a better understanding of when you can plant that basil (NO – you can’t plant it yet! Not until mid June for Connecticut).


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