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They’re Baaack!

Those beautiful black swallowtail butterflies have been hard at work finding mates and leaving the eggs of the next generation on our bronze fennel! This little guy (featured above) has probably been hiding in the leaves for a week since he’s about 1/4″ long now. He’ll keep eating and growing, shedding his skin and growing […]

Happy Spring!

Don’t let this snow fool you, spring officially begins at 6:45 today. The day will be as long as the night (vernal equinox) and from now until the first day of summer, we will have more hours of sunlight than darkness. I looked for signs of spring around the garden today before the snow began […]

Time to Plant the Peas! Well – Maybe Not Outside.

It’s St. Patrick’s Day and the spring equinox is almost here. One traditional way to celebrate the “green” is to plant your peas. Looking around New England this year, the garden is just not ready for them. But we have a solution – plant peas inside to harvest as shoots. You may have seen these […]

St. Pat’s Day = Corned Beef and Cabbage Microgreens ?

Yes, I admit it. I’m not fond of cabbage, but I love corned beef! And it’s time to celebrate the “green”.  Which led me to experiment. Many of the brassica family are grown as microgreens – a way to get that tangy flavor and crunch packed with nutrition. Could a few cabbage shoots give me […]

Garden Candy and The Seed Catalog Mystery

Not too many years ago, he decided he wanted his own garden. Only cherry tomatoes. Lots of them. Every color. It was the very end of the gardening season when he made that declaration, but we picked out a place, turned over the soil, added grass clippings and chopped up leaves. And made sure to […]