Selling Hart Seed is Risk Free!

Our Sale and Return program is the best in the industry – we GUARANTEE you profits. This unique program eliminates the risk for the retailer. ALL unsold seed packets may be returned at the end of the season. Here are some of the great features of our program:

  • No Cash Outlay

  • Pay Only For The Seeds That Are Not Returned

  • Pay At The End Of The Season

  • We Pay Shipping Costs

  • Guaranteed Profits

Our sliding scale discount is based on the volume that you sell, NOT on your “sell through percentage”. This means that you can keep your seed rack looking clean and filled the entire season, without sacrificing your margin. You’re guaranteed a profit, no matter what the weather.

We package over 300 varieties of flower, vegetable and herb seeds. Each colorful, eye-catching packet has a full description and planting instructions on the back and our pricing is still down to earth. Your customers know the Heart, and look for the quality seed that it represents.

The famous “Plant Hart’s Seeds” logo lets your customer know you carry the highest quality seed available at down-to-earth prices. Our eye-catching display headers invite our customers to believe in the possibilities…Real Gardeners DO Plant Seeds and can have success using quality Hart’s Seed.

Take a look at our selection of displays to figure out what would be best for you and your store!

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If you would like to become a retailer, please fill out the Packet Seed Order Form and Credit Application (which also has Sales & Use Tax Certificate) and either email them back to us at or fax it to us at 860-563-7221

Email or Fax Us the Packet Seed Order Form (Fill out Electronically or Download and Print) CLICK HERE

Print & Fax Us the Credit Application & Sales & Use Tax Certificate (Fill out Electronically or Download and Print) CLICK HERE


Need to reorder seeds for your display? Download and fill out our refill sheet – CLICK HERE