Succession Planting with Hart Seeds: Extending the Yield of Your Fall Vegetables

Fall is often envisioned as the end of the gardening season – a time to harvest the last of your summer vegetables and prepare for the dormant winter months. However, with a bit of planning, particularly through succession planting using reliable seed providers like Hart Seeds, you can not only extend your gardening season but […]

Tips for Home Gardeners Using Hart Seed to Start a Fall Vegetable Garden

When the summer garden begins to wane and the tomatoes and peppers have had their final harvest, many gardeners might believe it’s time to put their tools away until spring. However, fall offers a great opportunity to plant cool-season crops that can extend the growing season and offer fresh produce for months to come. Hart […]

They’re Baaack!

Those beautiful black swallowtail butterflies have been hard at work finding mates and leaving the eggs of the next generation on our bronze fennel! This little guy (featured above) has probably been hiding in the leaves for a week since he’s about 1/4″ long now. He’ll keep eating and growing, shedding his skin and growing […]