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Totally Tomatoes Part 2 Preparing for Germination

On to the germination station! Preparation is the key! Plan on starting your seeds 5-8 weeks before you can plant them outside. Count back from your average last frost date to figure the date to start your seeds (For central Connecticut – May 20th or the last full moon in May, whichever is later) .  Tomato […]

Totally Tomatoes Part 1 – History and How to Choose

The Starting Point – History With a history dating back centuries, the tomato is still the sunshine of today’s vegetable garden.  Tomatoes are believed to have originated in the Andes region of South America, traveled to Central America and brought to Europe in the 16th century. These early tomato plants most likely produced small yellow/orange […]

Know How: Early Winter Vegetable Planting

Gardeners living in temperate zones often feel that vegetables can only be planted during the frost-free periods. However, some of the cold hardy vegetables can be planted up to six weeks prior to the average last killing spring frost. Certain vegetables also can be planted late in the fall and in the winter months in […]