The Chas. C. Hart Seed Co. offers a wide variety of choices for displaying your seed.  Here we have listed the two parts to a display.  The panels which hold the seed and the frames that hold the panels.  If you are in need of assembly instructions for our various displays you can view/download them by clicking on the name of each frame.


Common Panels:

G panel: 10 rows of 6 pockets(think Giant).  60 pockets total.

M panel: 8 Rows of 6 pockets(think Medium).  48 pockets total.

S panel: 3 Rows of 6 pockets(think Small).  18 pockets total.

 G Panel                                             M Panel                                        S Panel

G palel M panel 2 S panel


Less used:

B panel: 8 rows of 6 pockets.  These panels are thicker than an M but the same height and all metal.  They do not hold the seed well in small quantities.  48 pockets total.

C panel: 7 rows of 6 pockets.  All cardboard and typically used for small orders or heritage displays.  40 pockets total.

1/2 C panel: 7 rows of 3 pockets. Again, all cardboard.  2 of these are stapled together to assemble a C panel but they can be used on their own.  20 pockets total.

12 pocket Counter: 3 rows of 4 pockets. An all cardboard counter display that is commonly used for small standalone assortments of herbs and Italian favorites.  Great for those impulse sales right at the register.

4 Pocket counter: 1 row of 4 pockets.  A small all cardboard counter display most commonly used for the Catgrass, and 2-Cat assortments.

                 B Panel                                                C Panel                                   1/2 C Panel

B panel C panel Half C panel

 12 Pocket Counter               4 Pocket Counter

12 pocket 4 pocket


Common Frames:

2R: 2 sided spinner, can hold G, M or B panels (not recommended for B panels) and has casters.
2R 2
Assembly instructions
3R: 3 sided spinner, can hold G, M or B panels (not recommended for B panels) and has casters.
Assembly instructions
4R: 4 sided spinner, can hold G, M or B panels (not recommended for B panels) and has casters.
Assembly instructions
S type: Holds 1 G, M or B panel on top and an S panel on the bottom and was designed to phase out the 2I frame when used as a pair.  Far more sturdy than the 2I, this frame hooks the panels in to prevent them from tipping out.

S frame 5
Assembly instructions

Cardboard Base: Used to hold a single M or C panel.  It can hold a G but is unstable and needs support.

Assembly instructions


Less common:

M2IB with legs

2I: Holds 2 panels side by side on the top and 2 supply boxes on a basket underneath. It was only designed to hold M panels on top but can hold G or B panels if (significant) support is given behind the display. The basket underneath can easily hold 2 S panels but the top row is difficult to see. This frame does not have casters and is known to have issues with tipping over.

B with Legs: Exactly what it sounds like, a B panel that has metal legs attached.  The best way B panels work.



In the past Harts has offered other methods to display our seed.  While we no longer offer these to customers you can take a look at them here.